About Hogg Builders

Hogg Builders is a full-service design/build firm specializing in building science and custom finish work. We offer comprehensive in-house services from design to turnkey construction. The green homes we design and build not only minimize your carbon footprint but also are healthier and more comfortable to live in. With over 18 years of experience in fine woodworking, high-level cabinetry, and computer-assisted design, we produce the best custom construction in Southeast Michigan.

Hogg Builders sets the standard for sustainable building while delivering the highest level of craftsmanship and customer service. Our goal is to create beautiful buildings that enhance the environment. With respect and concern for quality and integrity in our actions and in our work, we exist to serve our customers’ needs before, during, and after their project.

Hogg Builders’ purpose is to deliver the best, no matter what the size of the project. We do this by adhering to the following core values:
 Excellence in design, workmanship, and delivery of our services.
 Effective communication throughout the design and building process.
 An emphasis on long-term, rewarding relationships with our clients and professional partners.
 Integrity and respect for the people we work with and work for.
 Service to our community through education, volunteer work, and sourcing locally made products.

Hogg Builders is a building and remodeling firm that strives to deliver the most complete and 
forward-thinking service in the building industry.
We seek rewarding relationships with great clients. We put our customers’ needs first. We define our success by the satisfaction of our customers. We communicate with clarity and accuracy.

We embrace a family-oriented approach to doing business that results in happy and fulfilled employee associates. We develop relationships with quality subcontractors and suppliers. We serve our community and support local commerce.
We perform outstanding design work and excellent craftsmanship in our work. We build high-performance homes that are healthy, efficient, and durable. We produce consistent, predictable projects that are on time and on budget.

We are experts in building science and aim for the apex of sustainability – buildings that produce more energy than they use and have a net positive effect on our environment. We innovate constantly with our building methods and test our results on an ongoing basis to improve the quality of our building services.

We continually seek to better installation techniques. We critically assess building products to ensure long-term quality. We strive to be a knowledgeable resource for wide-ranging product selections. We build the best buildings possible at competitive prices.

We maintain excellent financial controls to support a stable company with an eye on long-term results. We strive for profitability that allows us to invest in a better business that can give back to our customers and our community. Our excellent business practices create repeat and referral customers.