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Thank you for your interest in  our modular homes. We are New York’s most experienced Modular Home Dealer and pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction. Browse the many available floor plans and view our new model homes. We hope you find our modular homes site useful and are always updating it to better serve you. You can customize almost every aspect of your new modular home, from the window and door styles to the color of the shingles and siding. We can even do complete floor plan designs to suit your specific needs.

The Benefits of Modular Construction

  • What is Modular Construction
  • Design Flexibility
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Warranty and Service

What is Modular Construction

Modular homes, or systems-built homes, are built to the IRC {International Residential Code}, BOCA, and other building codes, all of which are shared by site-built homes. Modular homes are built to the same building codes as site-built homes and are treated as such by financial institutions, local municipalities, etc. You must apply for a building permit, follow all local regulations for construction, and retain an occupancy permit before you may move into your new modular home, just as you would with a typical site-built home.

Typical Standard Modular Features:

5/12 pitch hinged roof trusses (or higher)
8’ flat smooth ceiling
1/2” finished drywall throughout
Ranch, Raised Ranch, T/L-Ranch, Cape , Two-Story, Chalet, Log, etc.

Design Flexibility

All of our homes can be customized to fit our customer’s needs. We are one of the few modular home builders that specialize in customizing floor plans for our clients. We will provide personal assistance to meet all your needs.

After our clients decide on the design, the drawings are analyzed, adjustments are made and the plans are created. The plans are reviewed by the homeowner for approval before final plans are completed. The final plans will reflect the changes and used for the construction of the home. This design process helps eliminate problems that plague stick built homes when changes are made to a generic plan.


Each home is built in an environmentally controlled factory to facilitate strict tolerances and eliminating weather damage.The main components are assembled with jigs to ensure precision and craftsman who experts at their unique process work on the home.
Nuts and Bolts

The frame work of the home is designed using computer software. The trusses are designed, structural loads are calculated, and a framing plan is created. There is an average of 20 to 30 percent additional framing for a modular home than a conventionally built home. The additional lumber provides superior structural integrity, longevity, and guarantees a safe trip to the site. Electrical load calculations, energy efficiencies and heat calculations are designed and prepared for each home. Each system is installed and inspected before the home moves forward in production. All homes are insulated to meet or exceed local codes and inspected again. Throughout each phase of construction the home is inspected for quality before further work is completed.


As each home is unique, so are the finishes. Each home is prepared with a “build sheet” which accompanies the home throughout the process. The build sheet will specify the type and color of finishes ordered on the home. It will include such items as floor coverings, cabinets, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, trim, interior and exterior doors, windows, siding, and any specialty or unique items ordered. Name brand products are used and installed by experienced craftsman and each component is inspected for quality assurance.


A final inspection is performed on the home prior to leaving the factory to verify the build sheet and for quality assurance. Once construction of your home is complete, it is wrapped in weather tight material and transported to your building site to be installed on the foundation.

Quality matters in the modular home business. Once construction of your home begins, it is inspected rigorously by the quality assurance inspector at the factory. Every step of the construction process is inspected with an extensive checklist of performance standards that monitor the work for code compliance and craftsmanship. Specially trained inspectors from a state approved independent agency additionally inspect the home before leaving the factory. This provides an additional layer of inspection before the home is shipped to your site.


Modular homes deliver exceptional value with design flexibility, energy efficiency, built in quality, long term structural integrity, faster completion times, better warranties, name brand materials and quality workmanship.

Energy Efficiency

Modular homes provide high energy efficiency due to the construction techniques which reduce or prevent air leakage. Air leakage accounts for 25 to 40 percent of energy used to heat and cool a typical stick-built home, failing to reduce air leaks results in higher energy bills.With a modular home, the leakage is greatly reduced because of the many techniques employed during construction. Extra care is given when caulking around exterior sheathing seams and window flanges and hand packing insulation around electrical fixtures to help eliminate cold air during winter months and hot air during summer months. Additional steps include sealing any penetrations to the building itself, such as insulating behind electrical outlets, switches, on interior and exterior walls and around plumbing at any wall openings. These additional steps reduce the air infiltration, which reduces heating and cooling costs resulting in a more energy efficient home.


Better warranties are also another attraction of modular homes. We provide a one-year warranty for workmanship and materials, and a two-year warranty on plumbing, electrical, and heating components (10 year on furnace and water heater). In addition, a 10 to 15 year warranty against structural defects is also offered. These warranties can be transferred when you decide to sell your home, which may also add to the resale value.


Our modulars come with the comfort of knowing that a full time service staff is available to answer any questions or resolve any issues you may have with your new home. In addition to our service staff you also have the piece of mind that the manufacturer of your home will stand behind the structural integrity and workmanship on your home.

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